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Synchronous Tools for OTL

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Workshop: Synchronous Tools for Online Teaching & Learning (OTL)


Related Tool Links


Skype - http://skype.com

USTREAM - http://ustream.com

Livestream - http://livestream.com

Second Life - http://secondlife.com

InWorldz - http://inworldz.com/



Related PowerPoint - ITAL_synchtools.ppt


Resources for Conducting Synchronous Events


Webconferencing for OTL wiki page (including webinar recording)


Julia's Compiled Chat Tips (that you are welcome to copy and use)

Chat Tips


Effective Online Facilitation



The Synchronous Trainer's Survival Guide (book, takes you to Amazon) 


Learning in Real Time (book, takes you to Amazon)


Synchronous Discussion in Online Course: A Pedagogical Strategy for Taming the Chat Beast




The Real Time Minute



The eLearning Guild's Handbook on Synchronous eLearning


Games Trainers Play (a great resource to add fun to your synchronous events)





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