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Example Online Unit

CEL 560: Unit 3 - Goals & Objectives


Unit 3 Guide


Unit 3 Learning Objectives

Upon completion of Unit 3, you will have:

    • created a draft syllabus for your online learning community (a.k.a. online course/class) that includes 5 learning objectives and includes a section on communication & netiquette.
    • made preparations for collaborative groupwork activities by completing a groupwork form.


You have one guide for Unit 3 which covers one (1) week. Please note that your draft syllabus can be very rough. For this course, you have specific things in your syllabus to focus on and that's all I'll be looking for. Also, we allow our students to utilize relevant information from our syllabi. So if our netiquette policy is exactly what you are looking for, then use it. We simply ask that you credit us at the bottom of your document. If you have any questions about this, just ask.





Reading. Time: 2 hours.

These resources provide you foundational support for writing course objectives and building the foundation for your online learning community.

  1. Online Resources
  2. Your Texts
    • Building Online Learning Communities, Chapters 7 - 9, pp. 129 - 204
    • Review Engaging the Online Learner, pp. 9 - 15
    • The Essential Elements book should have information about learning objectives. I can't find my copy, so I can't tell you the chapters or pages :(

  3. Other Resources
    • QM Rubric, Standard II, Learning Objectives

Activity: Create Draft Syllabus. Time: 2 hours. Value: 30 points.

For this assignment, you will create a draft of your Syllabus for your online course.We are providing a template that you can use if you want - Syllabus Template (doc download) or Syllabus Template (rtf download).

To receive full credit, your Syllabus page should follow the guidelines below.

  1. It should include at least 5 objectives. Consider an objective about OLC concepts. 10 pts.
  2. It should include a section on communication and netiquette. 5 pts.
  3. Upload this document to your course on the Course Tools menu and mail me with a direct link to your course so I can view it. 5 pts

I HIGHLY recommend sharing your Draft Syllabus in the Blackboard Discussion: Sharing Place.


Class Conversation: Webinar. Time: 1 hour. Value: Priceless.


Optional: Webinar - Blackboard LMS Demos, Unit 3 Learning Objectives and QMR alignment, and Q&A regarding Unit 4 Groupwork, Tuesday, October 26, 6-7pm MT in the class Adobe Connect room (use the link in the Course Tools menu).


Activity: Unit 4 Groupwork Preparation. Time: 2 hours. Value: 20 points


In Unit 4, you will be working in groups on a final project. I will already have set this up using the Group Manager tool in Blackboard. If you simply cannot work in a group for some reason, please contact me right away so that we can negotiate an alternate learning path for you.


Instructions and Criteria

    1. Review the Groupwork Guide (pdf download).
    2. Use your group's Fun Factors Blackboard group Chat and Discussion tools (and Skype if you want) to communicate with your group. You are encouraged to create your own group name and send the change to me by Blackboard Mail so I can edit your group name.
    3. By the end of Unit 3, as a group, fill out the Groupwork Form (doc download) and upload it to Groupwork Form in Assignments. 20 pts.



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