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Adventures in Innovative Learning Design for Blended  Online Learning Environments

Innovative Learning Design for Blended and Online Learning Environments


Deluged by everchanging emerging and innovative technologies, it is time to pause, survey this exciting landscape and share innovative learning opportunities that are engaging and represent what is currently known and available.


In this presentation, participants will discuss technology trends and their influence on learning theory and learning design. Included in this discussion is the role of the Quality Matters Rubric. Participants will have the opportunity to view progress on the creation of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) learning environment wherein innovative course design models are modeled. Innovative learning design models include:

  • Online models including MOOCs;

  • Blended/Hybrid models including HyFlex (Hybrid and Flexible);

  • nline/Blended Collaboration models including Phases, Scaffolds, and Technology for Collaboration (PSTC) Model;

  • Game-Based Learning models including the Multiplayer Classroom; and

  • Critical Pedagogy models including Co-Design for Democratic Classrooms.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Participants will identify, share, and discuss technology trends and their influence on learning theory and learning design.
  2. Participants will identify the role of the Quality Matters Rubric in innovative learning design models.







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