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CEL 580 Unit 1


CEL 580 Unit 1: Welcome to the Blogosphere ---


Unit 1 Overview

The term blog is short for weblog and can be used for a variety of purposes. One who blogs, is a blogger. A blogger can say, "I blog, therefore I am," or "I enjoy blogging." All the blogs on the Internet are referred to as the "Blogosphere." Some say that blogging is "old school" and is decreasing in popularity, whereas others say, "Despite recent stories to the contrary both in online and offline publications, the popularity of blogging shows no sign of abating anytime soon."


Regardless, you should be in the know and if you haven't started a blog, now is the time. Welcome to the Blogosphere!


Check out this awesomely done video by Commoncraft - Blogs in Plain English.


Unit 1 Goals


Goal 2: Learners will have a broader perspective of the types of tools available for online teaching and learning.


Goal 3: Learners will establish a basic eLearning toolkit to include an LCMS, at least one Synchronous Collaboration & Interaction Tools, at least one Asynchronous Collaboration & Interaction Tools, at least one Media Content Creation Tools, and 1-3 Content Creation and Delivery Tools and Resources.


Goal 4: Learners will provide a rationale for selecting certain tools and techniques.


Goal 5: Learners will engage in an online learning community.


Unit 1 Learning Objectives

  • The learner will understand and engage with blogs, blogging, and the blogosphere.
  • The learner will create or contribute to his/her own blog.
  • The learner will comment on colleagues' blogs.

Important! Every unit is two weeks long. You should schedule a minimum of 6 - 7 hours per week to complete Unit 1. If you are new to online learning, you should schedule more.




Scheduled synch events. Time: 2.5 hours. Value: 40 pts

Attend one (1) RETA Webinar. 15 pts

  • Over the next two weeks, attend one of the four available RETA Webinars.
  • Take notes and post them to the Discussion topic RETA Webinars, in reply to the post Unit 1 Webinars.
  • If you can't attend one live, watch the video archive, take notes and post them to the Discussion topic RETA Webinars, in reply to the post Unit 1 Webinars.

Skype with your Tech Buddy. 25 pts

  • Schedule a time for Unit 1 (and Unit 2 while you're at it) to Skype with your Tech Buddy.
  • You should spend at least 30 minutes talking about blogs and or helping each other create or contribute to a blog. Additionally, you could discuss your Lon
  • You should use both the text messaging and voice elements of Skype.
  • Send the chat log to your instructor in WebCT email.


Exploration. Time: 3 hours. Value: Priceless


More reading if you are interested (optional)

Virtual Tour

Click anywhere in the middle to play.




Assignments. Time: 3 hours. Value: 40 pts


Community Tool Activity: Blogs. Time: 2 hours. 20 pts

  • Create and develop your own blog. 10 pts just for the creation.
  • Add at least two posts about what you are learning about blogs, blogging, the blogsphere, etc. 5 pts for each post that is on topic.
    • Consider what you knew, what you thought you knew, how or if your learning has changed, and the educational implications for your context that are occuring to you.

Discussion and replies: Blogs. Time: 1 hour. Value: 20 pts

  • Go to the Discussion topic Blogs
  • Add the link to your new blog as a reply to the post New Blogs
  • Go make comments on each others blogs. Comment on at least three blogs.
  • Be a good community and make sure that everyone's blog has comments on it.
  • In reply to your post with the link to your blog, make note of whose blogs you commented in.
  • You will receive 5 points for posting the link and 5 points for each blog you comment on up to three blogs.



Long Term Projects. Time: 4 hours. Value: See Guides

You should be working on them!

  • Long Term Project #1 - You should be working on your first tool.
  • Long Term Project #2 - You should be deciding on the unit you are going to create or transition into an online unit.


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