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Innovate 2009 Audio and Video Online Tools

Increasing Engagement and Interaction in Your Classes with Audio/Video Tools


Presentation Goals

This presentation will provide participants with a survey of online audio/video tools for use in increasing engagement and interaction in K-20 classrooms. Participants attending this presentation will:

•    discuss the concepts of engagement and interaction

•    understand how audio/video tools increase engagement and interaction in the classroom

•    be introduced to current, easy to use, and FREE audio/video tools

•    be provided with many resources to support further exploration and use of audio video tools








FREE, Easy to Use Audio/Video Tools

Focus on audio/video upload and audio/video capture


Voki - Animation with variety of audio options (text>audio, upload, instant capture, phone)


Seesmic - instant capture, conversation-based


12 Seconds.tv - instant capture


Screencastomatic - screen capture with audio capture


USTREAM (http://ustream.tv) and Mogulus (http://www.mogulus.com/) - live instant video capture







Course Announcements

Unit Development

Just In Time Tutorials

Moodle-ography http://otlo.pbwiki.com/Julz+Moodle-ography

Course Announcements


It is now Week 5 and We're Knee Deep in Social Media

Posted February 17, 2009

At a minimum, you should be Yammering away by now! If you are having ANY problems, contact me ASAP!

The following microvideo is from Seesmic. Seesmic is cool because it allows for recorded responses.

Feel free to create a brief response to me about how you are doing with Unit 2.

There is a reply button on the upper right, but please note, you will need to create a Seesmic account.



It is now Week 4 and the Beginning of Unit 2

Posted February 9, 2009

I'll be working throughout the week on point updates for Unit 1.

If there is anything I need to know about your blogging adventures,

send me a WebCT email right away.


For example, if you need a little extra time to create the post

that I wanted about the readings, I need to know that.

Now, we move on as a class to Micromedia which includes microblogging.

I love microblogging! Unit 2 is posted and if you have any questions, let me know right away.




It's not Week 2 it's now Week 3 and we are having a blast in the Blogosphere!


Hopefully, you have all created your blog and are now playing with it, adding posts,

AND commenting on each other's blogs. If you are not at this stage,

contact me immediately so we can get you caught up!


You should also be doing things like hanging out with your Tech Buddy/ies,

attending at least one (1) RETA Webinar, and working on Long Term Project #1

with your the development of one wiki page for one tool that you selected for your online teaching toolkit.


Please note that you really don't need to be worrying about Long Term Project #2 right now.

I'll let you know when it's time for that.


Two other notes: 1) Please make sure to create at least one blog post about the readings

from the book and information from the websites and 2) Consider attending this Thursday's

RETA Webinar for Twitter, Yammer, and Edmodo. It's a great setup for our next unit.

And finally, keep up the awesome community support!



Welcome to CEL 580: Tools & Techniques for Online Teaching

Click on the Play button to hear my Voki :)

Get a Voki now!


Hello Students & Friends! Welcome to CEL 580!


Please take some time to get acquainted with this course.

Let's first note that we are using WebCT as our Learning Content Management System or LCMS.

Then let's take a look at the Course Menu where you can navigate to your course materials.


The page you are on now, is the landing page when you click from myWebCT into this course.

In the Course Menu, it is called the Homepage. We call it the Course Announcements page

which also includes immediately accessible instructor contact information at the bottom.

It is important to visit this page weekly because it changes frequently.


Then you see the links for the Getting Started page which is where you will find the instructions for the first week of class.


Next, you see the Syllabus and Schedule. These are, of course, documents you should get to know well.


Then you have the Course Content, which is where you will find very important materials

that provide detailed instructions on exactly what you need to do in this course.

There are two Long-Term Project guides and there will be 6 content units, each 2 weeks long.

Finally, there will be a two week wrap-up unit.

Currently Unit 1: Blogs is available. Additional units are made available one-week prior to the start date.


Then you have your link for Mail which is where you can email me and your colleagues within the

constraints of the course. You can forward this email to your regular email account, I do.

The Discussions is a very important area where we will all do a lot of communication about the Course Content.


Occasionally, I will need to do a Survey, usually about dates and times for whole class meetings.


The My Grades is a great way to keep track of your point accumulation.


There is finally the Synch Events Calendar that is another way to track synchronous events

and also a link to our Program Wiki where we have many resources. As we need them,

I may add additional links based on the coursework we will be doing.


That's the breakdown. If you have ANY questions, problems, concerns,

contact me immediately in the manner that works best for you.


Let's have a FANTASTIC semester!


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