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Web20 Guided Tour

   Press the I Believe Button



Let's take a poll! You get to use your cellphone. The tool to have fun with this is called Poll Everywhere.



Prepping for Our Adventures



What is Web 2.0?


5 Minute Video about Web 2.0


Web 2.0 Characteristics


  • "ReadWrite Web"
  • Communicate, Collaborate, Create
  • Engage, Interact, Learn
  • Fosters Learning Community
  • Supports Personal Learning Networks
  • "Web as platform" ~Phillip 
  • Go2Web20 



Create and Publish with Wikis


 Wikis in Plain English



Why use wikis? 



Hands-on Adventure




Create and Publish with Blogs, Microblogs, and Nanoblogs


Blogs in Plain English


Why use blogs? 



Hands-on Adventure


Virtual Tours


Create Yours: Blogger, Edublogs, Tumblr, Twitter, Yammer, Adocu


Check it out: Wiki about Blogs, Blog Webinar, Blog II Webinar, Top Edubloggers article



Having Fun, Being Safe Online with Avatar


Voki Message

Why use avatars? 


  • Embue your web presence with personality
  • Reduce feelings of isolation in online class
  • Promote the safety of your students
  • Manage your identity
  • Grab their attention
  • Have fun!


Hands-on Adventure






Social Bookmarking


Social Bookmarking in Plain English


Why Use Social Bookmarking?


  • Aggregate, Organize, Share, Find
  • Understand Tags
  • Create/Stream Course Content

Hands-on Adventure



Online Photosharing


Online Photosharing in Plain English


Why Use Online Photosharing?


  • Organize, Share, Save


Hands-on Adventure





Start Pages

iGoogle: A mini product tour


Why Use Start Pages?


  • Aggregrate, Organize, Be in the know


Hands-on Adventure




Want More?

Check out:



Thanks to Bethany aka TekTrekker for many of the resources on this page!

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